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Refrigerating Hostas

This tip applies to early spring delivered hostas.

If your hosta order arrives at a time that makes it difficult or inconvenient for you to plant them quickly we recommend you refrigerate them. First, unwrap the plants to determine if the roots are still moist. If they are, rewrap them and refrigerate as is. If the roots are dry soak them for a few hours in tepid water, then re-wrap them....being careful to make sure they are just damp and not soggy. Be very careful to ensure there is no moisture on the leaves. The length of time you may successfully refrigerate hostas is directly related to how far the leaves have emerged. If the hosta are in the "bullet" stage...just starting to emerge from the ground...they may be stored for several weeks. If the foliage is more mature you'll have to plant them after a few days.

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